Alien's Perspective of our automotive network

If tomorrow aliens land on our planet, what will they think, lets try and see things from their perspective.
Here is a civilization, where people work for about 5 days a week, for more that half of their life. Every morning they travel up to work and evening they travel back. To travel lot of them use a device called a 'car', an assembly of metal, plastic, rubber, leather and fabric, put together with nuts, bolts and some glue. This car could weight as much as 28 times the weight of the people inside and have five times more space than required most of the times.
These cars run on roads made of concrete and asphalt, which runs across like veins all over the planet. Except for few hours twice a day these roads are empty andunderutilised for most of the day. These hours are called peak traffic hours, when the roads are clogged with almost stationary cars.
Today some of these cars are capable of running at 400 kilometer per hour and most of them are capable of 200 kilometers per hour. But strangely in most of the cities when these cars is required the most, they travel at an average speed, just little bit over the human walking speed.
Hence after 100 years of progress, clogging the skies, eyes and lungs with smoke and pollution, changing the temperature of the planet itself, all humans have been able to do is travel at speeds few times faster that walking.
From an alien's perspective out automotive network doesn'tseem as glorious a we will like it to be.